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October 2020

ASC Connects for Hope – Painting with a Twist

October 26, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us over Zoom for ASC Connects for Hope supporting Hope Supply Co. We will be painting the image below while hanging over wine!  Tickets cost $100 with half of the proceeds going to Hope Supply Co.  Materials will be sent directly to the address you register with.  Register soon since it takes 10 business days for shipping!  The registration link can be found here.  The event code is DALLAS. When: October 26 @ 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Where:…

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November 2020

Virtual Wine Tasting

November 13, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Bringing NAPA to YOU! You are cordially invited to join ASC and Veritas Wine Room for a virtual wine tasting benefiting Hope Supply Co. with Lisa Peju, co-owner of Peju Winery in beautiful Napa Valley and Clamère Estate Winery.  Veritas Wine Room will also make a selection of meat and cheese boards available to complement the wines.  There are three easy steps to participate. STEP ONE Let us know you are participating.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 TWO Make your donation to Hope Supply Co. …

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February 2021

ASC Together We Dine

February 4, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

ASC Together We Dine, Moderated by Justice Dennise Garcia,  5th District Court of Appeals, Dallas.  CLE Credit 1.25 and 1.25 ethics.

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March 2021

ASC Goes Couture, Neiman Marcus Fashion Show

March 4, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Neiman Marcus Downtown, 1618 Main St
Dallas, Texas 75201 United States

You are cordially invited to join ASC Goes Couture benefiting Hope Supply Co.!  There are two options to participate.  You can attend the fashion show in person at Neiman Marcus Downtown (VIP option - $250) or you can attend virtually (GA - $150).  RSVP using Eventbrite below and make your contribution within 24 hours of RSVP. All registered attendees will receive a Neiman Marcus Event Box in the mail ahead of the event if you RSVP before 2/25/2021. For sponsorship…

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April 2021

ASC Silent Auction

April 29, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Old School Carnival themed Virtual Silent Auction with upscale carnival foods and fares to be delivered, including games, raffles, and a wide selection of silent auction items. Event Time - 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Virtual Bidding will begin on April 28th and conclude at the end of the evening event. Please share your photos at info@ascdallas.com In-Kind Sponsors Virtual Event 6:30 pm t0 8:30 pm Hope Supply Solicitation Letter Hope Supply Donation Form Please contact Neena Wiora Monica Narvaez…

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August 2021

ASC Committee Kick-Off

August 8, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Interested in joining an ASC committee? Join us for our Committee Kick-off Meeting!

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October 2021

ASC Goes Couture

October 7, 2021 @ 5:30 pm
Neiman Marcus Downtown, 1618 Main St
Dallas, Texas 75201 United States
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You are cordially invited to join ASC Goes Couture benefiting The Bridge Breast Network! Tickets are now on sale for $25 to attend as a paid ASC member or $150 to attend as a non-member. RSVP using Eventbrite below and make your contribution within 24 hours of RSVP. Door prizes will be awarded, and a Wacoal rep. will be available for custom fittings. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact carol@cawilsonlaw.com. STEP ONE Register via Eventbrite below.JTNDZGl2JTIwaWQlM0QlMjJldmVudGJyaXRlLXdpZGdldC1jb250YWluZXItMTcyMDg4NDMwMTI3JTIyJTNFJTNDJTJGZGl2JTNFJTBBJTBBJTNDc2NyaXB0JTIwc3JjJTNEJTIyaHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZ3d3cuZXZlbnRicml0ZS5jb20lMkZzdGF0aWMlMkZ3aWRnZXRzJTJGZWJfd2lkZ2V0cy5qcyUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRnNjcmlwdCUzRSUwQSUwQSUzQ3NjcmlwdCUyMHR5cGUlM0QlMjJ0ZXh0JTJGamF2YXNjcmlwdCUyMiUzRSUwQSUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMHZhciUyMGV4YW1wbGVDYWxsYmFjayUyMCUzRCUyMGZ1bmN0aW9uJTI4JTI5JTIwJTdCJTBBJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwY29uc29sZS5sb2clMjglMjdPcmRlciUyMGNvbXBsZXRlJTIxJTI3JTI5JTNCJTBBJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTdEJTNCJTBBJTBBJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwd2luZG93LkVCV2lkZ2V0cy5jcmVhdGVXaWRnZXQlMjglN0IlMEElMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMkYlMkYlMjBSZXF1aXJlZCUwQSUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMHdpZGdldFR5cGUlM0ElMjAlMjdjaGVja291dCUyNyUyQyUwQSUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMGV2ZW50SWQlM0ElMjAlMjcxNzIwODg0MzAxMjclMjclMkMlMEElMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjBpZnJhbWVDb250YWluZXJJZCUzQSUyMCUyN2V2ZW50YnJpdGUtd2lkZ2V0LWNvbnRhaW5lci0xNzIwODg0MzAxMjclMjclMkMlMEElMEElMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMkYlMkYlMjBPcHRpb25hbCUwQSUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMGlmcmFtZUNvbnRhaW5lckhlaWdodCUzQSUyMDQyNSUyQyUyMCUyMCUyRiUyRiUyMFdpZGdldCUyMGhlaWdodCUyMGluJTIwcGl4ZWxzLiUyMERlZmF1bHRzJTIwdG8lMjBhJTIwbWluaW11bSUyMG9mJTIwNDI1cHglMjBpZiUyMG5vdCUyMHByb3ZpZGVkJTBBJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwb25PcmRlckNvbXBsZXRlJTNBJTIwZXhhbXBsZUNhbGxiYWNrJTIwJTIwJTJGJTJGJTIwTWV0aG9kJTIwY2FsbGVkJTIwd2hlbiUyMGFuJTIwb3JkZXIlMjBoYXMlMjBzdWNjZXNzZnVsbHklMjBjb21wbGV0ZWQlMEElMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlN0QlMjklM0IlMEElM0MlMkZzY3JpcHQlM0U=STEP TWO Make your donation to…

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January 2022

Painting with a Twist

January 27 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
1713 Preston Road, Suite B, Plano, TX 75093

ASC presents Painting with a Purpose benefiting The Bridge Breast Network. To Register and for more information, click here: Register

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March 2022

ASC Goes to School CLE @ NorthPark Maggiano’s

March 31 @ 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us for our annual networking event! Appetizers, wine, and 2 credit CLE presentations will be provided. Although it is free to attend, we ask that you RSVP below in order to have an accurate head count. We also ask ASC members and non-ASC attendees for a suggested donation of $20 for attending which can be completed using the Donate button at the bottom of this page. ***All donations will directly benefit The Bridge Breast Network*** We look forward to…

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April 2022

April 21 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
7 for Parties, 150 Turtle Creek Blvd. Suite #107,
Dallas, TX 75207 United States
+ Google Map

Please plan to attend our upcoming Mad Hatter’s themed event. Invite your friends and family to join us at the FUN & FREE event. Our roaming judges will be giving out prizes for the most creative, beautiful, and unique hats and fascinators. Wendy Krispin Caterer will serve Queen of Heart's Passed Hors D'oeuvres; Mad Hatter's Tea Party Station; The White Rabbits Slider Bar; and the Cheshire Cat Dessert Station A variety of wines will be provided by Tara Vineyard &…

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