ASC Beneficiary Partnership Guidelines


Structure of ASC

ASC is a group of working attorneys who make time around work, family, and other community activities to partner with a charity to raise funds year-round, culminating in a benefit luncheon.  ASC is not a 501(c)(3) organization, does not maintain a bank account or hold or process any money, and does not have any staff.  Many times, the members of ASC use their personal resources to assist in preparing for the luncheon and are sometimes fortunate enough to be able to utilize the resources of their firms and companies.  Although our members are very passionate and committed, we rely heavily on our beneficiary to partner with us to make the luncheon a success.  The guidelines set forth below (which are not all-inclusive) are meant to inform and guide our beneficiary as to some of the expectations ASC has of the beneficiary during the luncheon year.


Executive Director and Staff

Our membership is very motivated by seeing firsthand how ASC’s efforts will benefit the beneficiary and by the beneficiary putting a “face” on the organization. We ask that the executive director and/or our main point of contact attend each meeting (once a month until the luncheon) and, if at all possible, bring an impacted student, parent, client or staff member that can briefly speak to the group and share success stories or critical needs.  The ED/point of contact will need to be prepared for lots of email communication from the ASC committee chairs, especially as major ASC events (5k, silent auction, and luncheon) draw near.  We will need assistance proofing forms, invitations, and programs to ensure that the beneficiary and donor information is correct.  The staff must be prepared to update the beneficiary’s website to announce the 5k and luncheon (on the home page), allow for online donations trackable to ASC, allow for online sponsorship, ticket and table sales, and provide tax receipt letters for all sponsorships and donations (in-kind and monetary).  We will need one beneficiary point person to include on our sponsorship forms with a dedicated phone line who will receive inquiries and money.  The person responsible for tracking money/sponsors will maintain a spreadsheet of all donations including ASC member dues, sponsorship, ticket and table sales and in-kind donations and will report to ASC monthly with weekly/daily reports needed as the luncheon draws near. That spreadsheet will ultimately be used by the beneficiary’s staff to prepare the seating charts, sponsor listings, etc., which are critical

Board/Auxiliary/Advisory Board


ASC expects the board to be very active in promoting the 5k, silent auction, and luncheon.  We ask the board to purchase luncheon tables, solicit their contacts to purchase tables, sponsor the 5k, and solicit their contacts to sponsor the 5k. We ask that board members solicit or donate items for the silent auction (particularly big ticket items such as time at vacation homes and one-of-a-kind experiences), and we strongly encourage the board to attend the silent auction and bring guests who are willing to purchase silent auction items.  We would like the board to leverage their corporate contacts for “showcase” donations and to introduce the luncheon and the beneficiary to businesses outside of the legal community.  We like as many board members as possible to attend the luncheon and the reception preceding the luncheon.  We expect the board to give or get $50,000 in sponsorships and in-kind donations. 


Assistance Leading Up to the Luncheon


The beneficiary will be responsible for paying any deposits for the speaker, hotel, audio/visual equipment, or other up-front fees.  The beneficiary should expect that most of the funds raised by ASC are received a few months before the luncheon and will not be available to cover such fees.  ASC typically uses a speakers bureau to assist in selecting a speaker, but the beneficiary should be prepared to participate in identifying potential speaker candidates.  The beneficiary also should be prepared to locate an honorary chair (someone important to the beneficiary’s cause, with  a strong local presence and who is willing to  monetarily support the beneficiary and luncheon and ask their contacts to do the same).  Although we try to cut the best deal we can for printing, fulfillment services, and mailing, the beneficiary may need to pay the costs for these services.  The beneficiary also may need to have an updated video produced that fits within the time constraints of the luncheon.  At the silent auction, volunteers will be needed to help with the set-up and check-out.  Credit card capability will be needed at the silent auction.


Day Before/Day of Luncheon


Many volunteers will be needed the night before and day of the luncheon.  The ED/point of contact should be prepared to go to the location (typically the Hilton Anatole) the day before the luncheon to meet with the chairs, finalize last minute details and prepare the seating chart.  This meeting can run late into the evening.  Many volunteers are needed the night before the luncheon to finalize and place centerpieces, help set tables with programs and promotional materials and help with general set-up. The hotel typically allows us to begin setting up at 6:00 pm or earlier on the night before the luncheon; this effort will run into the evening as well.  In some years set- up must take place on the morning of the luncheon and, if so, even more volunteers will be needed in the early morning to quickly get things in place.  Volunteers from the beneficiary (around 14) are needed the day of the luncheon to staff the check-in tables, to staff the centerpiece purchase station (which requires credit card capability) and to staff any book signing tables (which also requires credit card capability).  Some of these tables must be staffed even during the luncheon.  Additional volunteers may be needed to pick up donations from tables during the luncheon.   We encourage clients of the beneficiary to attend the luncheon and often ask a client to speak briefly during the luncheon.  After the luncheon, we always invite the ED/point of contact and any staff or volunteers who wish to join us, to remain for the “counting of the money” (the fun part!) received from centerpiece sales, donations from the floor, walk-in ticket purchases, and book sales.


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